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PSA Nitrogen Generator Isolcell range holds a leading position in the equipment market utilizing the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology - equipment designed for purification and processing of gas mixtures. PSA Nitrogen generators are indispensable when delivering high-purity nitrogen under high pressure with low energy consumption.


  1. Quality: The generators provide a continuous regulated flow of highly purified nitrogen. They utilize top-quality molecular filters and an advanced electronic monitoring and control system.
  2. Reliability: The extensive experience in research, development, and production of gas mixture purification systems ensures durability and reliability. Rigorous testing of new equipment further enhances its service life and dependability.
  3. Cost-effectiveness: To minimize energy consumption during nitrogen production, components with low power requirements are employed. Design enhancements using automated design software and hydrodynamic modeling contribute to energy efficiency.
  4. Modular Design and Expandability: The modular design and the ability to add new elements to existing equipment facilitate easy capacity expansion without significant costs. This adaptability ensures high return on investment over the long term by accommodating operator needs.
  5. Versatility: Changing pressure and purification requirements do not necessitate modifications to the equipment's structure, making it adaptable to various settings.
  6. Ergonomics: Emphasis is placed on overall design and internal ergonomics. Logical modular arrangement and component grouping based on their functions, along with convenient access to all parts, simplify maintenance and technical servicing.

PSA serie NM

Nitrogen generators for industrial applications, purity from 95% to 99,999%. Perfect for small quantities of nitrogen, from 500 liters/hour up to 35 Nm3/h.

PSA serie S

The design of the new Isolcell PSA NL S nitrogen generators - overall dimensions are reduced to a minimum, provides a nitrogen flow rate from approximately 15 Nm3/h to approximately 180 Nm3/h. The modular structure makes it possible to expand the production capacity of the plant even after its commissioning.

PSA serie D

Nitrogen generators for industrial applications, purity from 95% to 99,999%. Perfect to produce large quantities of nitrogen, over 350 Nm3/h and up to 1.066 Nm3/h adding two expansion modules.


1 Compressor
2 Centrifugal condensate separator
3 Compressed air tank
4 Capacitive electronic discharger
5 Universal 5 μ filter
6 Air dryer
7 Fine filter 1 μ F
8 Superfine filter 0.01 S
9 Activated carbon filter C
10 PSA NL N2 generator
11 Replenishment tank
12 N2 buffer tank
13 Dust filter

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