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In the quest for solutions to meet the clients' needs, Isolcell Italia S.p.A. has developed an array of innovative measurement systems that ensure compliance with safety and quality requirements in product storage. Specifically, we offer the following equipment: AMILON - for determining the ripeness of apples and pears; PD Controller - for continuous electronic pressure monitoring in storage chambers; SENTINEL - for monitoring product weight loss.


AMILON is an automatic starch measuring device that captures a cross-sectional image of a fruit, pre-treated with a water solution of potassium iodide. Innovative software processes the image and accurately determines the degree of starch conversion.

This device is indispensable in cases where it's necessary to quickly determine the ripeness level of apples and pears through precise measurements, with easily interpretable results.


  • Objective automatic determination of starch hydrolysis degree (level of its content in fruits) – a versatile method to refine the stage of apple and pear ripeness.
  • Reproducible measurements, excluding misinterpretation possible with visual determination.
  • Quick measurements on samples ranging from one to twelve.
  • Automatic data collection and storage.

How it works:

The level of starch content is determined through a reaction with an aqueous solution of potassium iodide. The fruit's cross-section treated with this method is photographed, and by analyzing the image, the starch content is calculated for each sample as well as the average value across all samples (up to a maximum of 12).

The amount of starch can be represented using one of the widely accepted scales:

  • From 1 to 10 (recommended in international practice)
  • From 1 to 5
  • From 1 to 8
  • From 1 to 1000


SENTINEL is a computerized electronic volumeter designed to measure water condensate and thaw water.

It is installed on the drain pipes of evaporators in storage chambers. These measurements are particularly crucial for monitoring and preventing product loss, as the acquired data helps optimize the cooling system's operation. SENTINEL can direct drainage water either onto the chamber floor or outside, depending on humidity requirements.

The device can be installed on cooling systems that use air, electricity, hot gas, or hot glycol for defrosting, but it is not suitable for water defrosting systems.


- monitoring of product weight loss

- draining of water condensate onto the chamber floor or outside as per humidity requirements

- daily/monthly/seasonal report on the amount of moisture released by products that condensed on the evaporator

- indirect control of the refrigeration unit's functioning

PD Controller

PD Controller is an electronic pressure controller known for its high precision. It provides accurate control of both elevated and reduced pressure within chambers featuring controlled gas environments. In the event of exceeding predetermined threshold values, emergency signals are triggered through two analog outputs (0-5 V).

The device can be connected to ISOSOFT to display data in graphical form. The controller is indispensable both as confirmation of results from airtightness tests and for detecting reasons behind changes in O2 levels within controlled atmosphere storage chambers. As the controller is equipped with signal relays, it can also serve as a protective device that halts the operation of refrigeration units (if necessary) or other equipment that could lead to excessive gas depletion within the chambers.

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Sales of equipment

We are a direct importer, an authorized distributor of the world's leading manufacturers of refrigeration equipment and components for refrigeration. The main activity is the selection and sale of equipment and components for refrigeration systems.

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Technical support

We actively support our installers. We organize product training and technical consultations for refrigeration engineers at every stage of project implementation. Hundreds of successful investments confirm our competence and experience.

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Own production

Based on many years of experience of our engineers in the field of design and assembly of refrigeration equipment, in 2017 we started own production. refrigeration units and multi-compressor units based on Danfoss, Frascold and Bitzer compressors.

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