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To meet the growing market demands, Isolcell Italia S.P.A. has developed a new series of CO2, O2, and C2H4 analyzers that stand out for their exceptional accuracy and user-friendly design. Isolcell Italia S.P.A. manufactures centralized analyzers for installation in control rooms, as well as desktop and portable devices. Infrared sensors are employed for CO2 measurements.

OXYCARB 6 electronic analyzer: OXYCHECK – CARBOCHECK

OXYCARB 6 is a portable oxygen and carbon dioxide gas analyzer.

OXYCARB 6 utilizes state-of-the-art energy-efficient sensors with temperature compensation: electrochemical sensors for oxygen determination, and infrared sensors for carbon dioxide. The design of OXYCARB 6 has positioned it as the standard for portable gas analyzers.

The key features of this innovative gas analyzer include:

  • High accuracy, down to hundredths of parts per million.
  • High autonomy and long-lasting stable operation.
  • Measurement with temperature compensation.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface.
  • Real-time graph plotting.
  • Digital control of the analyzer's pump to maintain a constant flow, regardless of filter status or pipeline length.


This analyzer simplifies the monitoring of storage parameters and is indispensable for storing products in a controlled gas environment. There are models of the analyzer designed for measuring only oxygen (OXYCHECK) or only carbon dioxide (CARBOCHECK).

Characteristics of OXYCARB 6:

  • Displays oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) content
  • Stores acquired data
  • Also displays pressure readings (for chamber gas-tightness verification)
  • Can be additionally equipped with temperature and relative humidity sensors
  • Detects gas content in hundredths of a percent for precise management of DCA systems
  • Battery capacity provides over 10 hours of operation with the sampling pump active
  • Displays operational data in graphical format
  • Uses a variable cassette for data recording:
    • Multiplex
    • Seleca

Features of OXYCARB 6:

  • Long-lasting lithium batteries and extended stable operation
  • Measurement with temperature compensation
  • Compact and robust construction
  • User-friendly graphical interface with a touch screen
  • SD card slot for data recording
  • Extensive data recording customization capabilities
  • Log file organization through FAT file system
  • Ability to create graphs based on volumetric data
  • Graphs with dynamic range and interactive scaling
  • USB 2.0, analog input and output
  • RS-485 interface; CAN interface
  • Local Ethernet network support


OXYGUARD/CARBOGUARD/ETHYGUARD are oxygen/carbon dioxide/ethylene analyzers designed to ensure safety in monitored indoor environments.

OXYGUARD/CARBOGUARD/ETHYGUARD allows for the setting of two different alarm thresholds, and when these thresholds are exceeded, the corresponding relays are activated. Therefore, the analyzer is well-suited for situations where monitoring the levels of oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide (CO2), or ethylene in various premises is necessary, along with activating equipment that adjusts these levels and/or sends signals upon surpassing the threshold values.


SELECA CUBE is a centralized CO2 and O2 analyzer designed for monitoring a small number of chambers. It is equipped with a microprocessor that enables the automatic operation of controlled atmosphere storage. The main unit can monitor up to 8 chambers, and its modular design allows for expandability.

SELECA CUBE utilizes an electrochemical sensor for measuring oxygen levels and an infrared sensor for measuring CO2 levels. Only highly reliable sensors are employed.

The SELECA CUBE analyzer can be networked to a computer information management system, allowing for the maintenance of optimal storage parameters using specialized patented software.


MULTIPLEX is a next-generation centralized CO2 and O2 analyzer capable of detecting gas levels at the hundredth parts-per-million level. It proves particularly valuable in scenarios demanding high precision, making it suitable for use in ULO and DCA storage chambers. Moreover, owing to its exceptional accuracy, MULTIPLEX is also apt for determining the respiratory quotient (RQ) intensity coefficient.

Special attention has been devoted to manufacturing safety in the development of this device, thus eliminating mechanical components that remove air from the chamber. A dedicated system issues warnings if the gas analyzer tube is obstructed and also performs automatic calibration.

To determine the oxygen content, the analyzer employs an electrochemical or paramagnetic sensor, while for the measurement of CO2, an infrared sensor is utilized. Only sensors with high reliability are employed.

Available versions include MULTIPLEX MINI and MULTIPLEX PLUS. The MULTIPLEX PLUS analyzer can sequentially monitor up to 48 chambers. It can be networked to a computerized management information system to maintain optimal storage conditions through specialized patented software.

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