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The CO2 adsorption system is a CO2 adsorber that implements automatic optimization of adsorption and nitrogen regeneration cycles, reducing energy consumption and minimizing the ingress of oxygen into the chamber. This allows for the utilization of high-level storage technologies such as Ultra Low Oxygen (ULO) concentrations and dynamic controlled atmosphere.

Smart CO2 Adsorbers

Continuous research and development have led to the emergence of the new DynamiCO2 ECO adsorber, incorporating cutting-edge technologies from Isolcell Italia S.p.A.. This adsorber not only maintains minimal oxygen levels without using nitrogen but also reduces electricity consumption by over 50%.


The gas absorber, in real-time mode, exchanges data with the ISOSOFT automatic control system, which adjusts its operation based on the gas environment conditions in different storage chambers. This represents the most advanced technical solution for storage in DCA CF.


The functioning process of the adsorber occurs as follows:

Air containing CO2 is drawn from the chamber through a gas-impermeable electric fan, passes through a reservoir with corresponding molecular sieves (CO2 filter), and is then returned back to the chamber. After the CO2 filter becomes fully saturated, the CO2 regeneration phase starts through a specific automatic valve system.

The oxygen that remains in the adsorbent material during the regeneration phase is completely removed using a special patented formula.

The switching of phases (adsorption, regeneration, and oxygen purification through the filter) occurs automatically based on the required atmospheric values in the chamber. The controller is equipped with a microprocessor for programming the operating time in different chambers, thus providing semi-automatic operation of the adsorber without full computerization. An O2 valve is built-in for the automatic release of oxygen in the chambers.

This function optimizes the adsorption cycle, simultaneously reducing energy consumption and the amount of residual oxygen. This enables the implementation of not only "ULO" (ultra-low oxygen concentration) storage, but also "DCA" (dynamic controlled atmosphere).

The Cycle End Function (CEF) ensures that the CO2 adsorber completes its cycle in the chamber where it operates and begins its operation in the next chamber. This ensures energy savings and increases productivity by up to 30%.


The highest quality activated carbon ensures optimal performance of adsorption and regeneration cycles for CO2 absorbers, as well as an extended operational lifespan. Additionally, the selection of equipment components is carried out during its development by Isolcell to guarantee reliable operation under extreme conditions.

Integration Capability:

The real-time exchange of data between the gas absorber and the ISOSOFT automated control system allows for its operation to be adjusted based on the gas environment conditions in different storage chambers. This represents the most advanced technical solution for DCA CF storage.


Thanks to the automatic cycle adjustment (ACA), cycle end function (CEF), nitrogen injection function (NIF), and nitrogen saving system (NSS), these gas absorbers are unique in the market, providing extremely low levels of O2 and CO2 with minimal energy consumption.

The main advantages of the new DynamiCO2:

  • Reduction of electricity consumption by over 50%.
  • Achievement of maximum gas environment levels without using nitrogen.
  • Oxygen level maintenance system within the chamber.
  • Ability for remote control of operating parameters in real-time mode.

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