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Refkar is one of the leading manufacturers of shell-and-tube heat exchangers in Turkey, including condensers (including versions designed for seawater), evaporators (including submerged types) operating on freon; oil heat exchangers (for hydraulic systems, immersion type), and CO2 heat exchangers; liquid-liquid heat exchangers, as well as those designed for biogas; double-tube heat exchangers, floating head heat exchangers, and other types made to order in any size and capacity.

Refkar has been operating in the shell-and-tube heat exchanger market since 2008. The manufacturing of heat exchangers is carried out using vertical machining centers with digital control, machines for plasma cutting of tubes, and automatic tube bending machines. We utilize a wide range of materials to meet customer needs, including copper, copper-nickel, stainless steel, and carbon steel tubes, as well as titanium and other high-quality materials.

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