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Isolcell Italia S.p.A. is a company with 50 years of experience in manufacturing controlled atmosphere (CA) equipment. The company was founded in Italy in 1958.

Throughout decades, the company has been built on the ability to achieve, maintain, and enhance:

  • High quality of their equipment and associated services.
  • Ensuring that all customers' stated needs and expectations are met.

With a constant drive to innovate in manufacturing and years of experience in nitrogen research, Isolcell has developed numerous patents, many of which relate to nitrogen usage. In 1989, Isolcell was granted the status of "Research Laboratory" by the Ministry of University and Scientific-Technical Research.

The range of products manufactured by the company includes nitrogen generators (PSA, VSA, and membranes), carbon dioxide scrubbers using activated carbon, and catalytic converters for ethylene. Moreover, the company has developed and patented a new oxygen scrubber with very low energy consumption, called ADOX. The company also produces stationary and portable oxygen/carbon dioxide analyzers, as well as software for equipment computerization.

The entire product line is produced in accordance with the following directives and complies with international standards:

  • Machinery Directive 98/37 EC;
  • Low Voltage Directive 73/23 EEC;
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 89/336 EEC;
  • EU Directive 97/23 EC PED;
  • IQNET ISO 9001:2000 Certificate;
  • IQNET ISO 9001:2008 Certificate;
  • CISQ UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 Certificate;
  • CSQ ISO 9001:2008 Certificate.

Elektronika DP is the official exclusive distributor in the Ukrainian market and offers an individual approach for each project in the design and development of refrigeration and HVAC systems for fruit and vegetable storage chambers.

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