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Dynamism, pragmatism and flexibility - these main traits have been characterizing the activity of ECO company for over 30 years. They led to the situation in which ECO would become a major business partner for the most important companies in HVAC&R sector all over the world.

Motivated crew, technical innovations, modern production process, strong commitment on environmental sustainable development issues, and customer-oriented policy, characterize every phase of ECO activity and lead company on its path of business rules towards strategic factors of success.

Today, the ECO group is the world leading producer of finned pack heat exchangers and one of the most important producers of air ventilated units for refrigeration. Despite the stable presence in Europe, ECO with new centers of excellence located in USA and in China, in order to provide a better support for their business partners.

ECO owns 9 production plants, of which four are located in Italy. The remaining five is located in Austria, Spain, Sweden, USA, and China. The company employs about 2 thousand people. Annual sales reach 320 million euro.

Willing to offer high standard products and services, the ECO group has accepted ISO 9002 and ISO 14000 certification. Units were tested in external laboratories e.g. RWTÜV. The research encircled cooling performance, air throw, power consumption, exchange surface and the noise level of the units. All the products made by ECO acquired CE marking and PED certificate for high-pressure units.

The list of ECO contractors contains such famous companies like: Carrier, Danfoss, Copeland, Bitzer, Thermoking, Linde, Cubigel Compressors (former Electrolux Compressors and ACC).

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