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Accessories for refrigeration systems and air conditioning are essential elements contributing to the effective operation and long service life of the installation. Choosing high-quality accessories from well-known brands, such as K-Flex, ensures stability, safety, and optimal efficiency of your refrigeration system.

Insulation: We offer insulation in the form of sheets and pipes, available in standard sizes as well as rolls under the K-Flex brand. These materials are characterized by high thermal insulation, strength, and resistance to extreme temperature conditions.

Insulation tapes and adhesives: Our range includes insulation tapes and adhesives specifically designed for use in air conditioning, ventilation, plumbing, and heating systems. These products provide reliable sealing and thermal insulation, maintaining the system's efficiency at a high level.

Additional products: Our range also includes refrigerants, soldering materials, lubricants, and tools necessary for the quality installation, startup, and maintenance of the refrigeration system. All components together ensure the efficiency, reliability, and durability of the installation.

Accessories for the refrigeration system:

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